Why Heated Floors Often Require an Electrician

Installing heated floors? Consult a Vernon electrician first.

Heated floors are a luxurious comfort that many people are now adding to their homes. While some homeowners choose to take on the task of installing the floor themselves, this home renovation project is best to have done by a professional. A qualified electrician should be included in the installation process, as all electrical connections must be done according to building and electrical codes. An electrician will complete necessary tests before covering the heating elements of the heated floor to make sure that the system is working properly. If part of the floor is installed incorrectly, or if the mechanics have been compromised during installation, the floor will need to be redone entirely. Hiring a Vernon electricianwill make the installation process smoother and ensure that your new flooring will work properly and be done right the first time. Contact Image Electric for more information on your home renovation projects!


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