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Electric Vehicle Chargers

There is nothing more convenient for electric vehicle owners, than an at-home charging station. At Image Electric, we are happy to answer any question you may have when it comes to your charging station. We offer fully featured residential charging systems, installed by professionals, and up-held to the highest level of safety. Contact us today to learn more about all the charging systems we offer!

Electric Vehicle Charging Station


How can I charge my electric car?
Electric cars can be charged with your typical 120v outdoor plugin. However, a full charge can take up to 11 hours so many EV owners choose to install a 240v system to provide a full charge in a much shorter time frame. Electric vehicle ownership is growing in Canada and public charging stations exist in almost every city in Canada. 

Three levels of EV charging that are available are:

Level 1 (120 volt): Provided by a typical outdoor outlet and found in any Okanagan residence. This type of trickle charge is best done overnight as it is the slowest way to achieve a full charge.

Level 2 (240 volt): This higher powered and faster charging system can be installed at your home and will provide faster charging than the 120v outlet.

DC Fast Charging: Fast Charge EV Stations are set up at public locations and used on long trips from city to city.

The installation of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station must be completed by a licensed electrician. Image Electric can supply and install all types Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) for your residence or business EVCS. Various residential home situations require special consideration. One example is when you are installing a EVCS where there is a Strata involved or when you own a condominium.

Why purchase an electric vehicle?

Aside from the fact that electric cars are fun to drive, EV’s are better for the environment than typical gasoline powered vehicles. If you own a company, converting your fleet to electric vehicles will provide a social benefit and a cost savings over time.


How much does an electric vehicle cost?

The options for electric cars have greatly increased. As of June 2017, over 30 000 electric cars have been sold in Canada. The costs to purchase an EV vary as much as the models do. Plug’ N Drive has an extensive information on Electric Vehicle Costs in Canada.


What is the cost of of charging an electric car?

The cost of charging an electric vehicle will vary but when charging a Nissan Leaf with a residential charger the cost is $2.20 per 100km.

What British Colombia incentive programs Exist?
Clean Energy Vehicle Program (CEVforBC) could provide you with up to $5000 and BC SCRAP-IT Program is offering up to $6000!
Plug In BC is offers a resource that will contain any new incentive programs and BC Hydro has more Electric Vehicle information for BC residences.

Why Choose Us?


Image Electric is the perfect choice for your residential electrician needs. We have an unmatched commitment to our clients. At Image Electric, we pride ourselves on giving every client our full attention, and completing our projects on time and effectively, while still maintaining the highest standard of electrical practice. Our ability to help others with their electrical needs, is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We are highly involved in the community, and believe wholeheartedly in giving back to the community that gives us the ability to run our business.

When your hire Image Electric for your residential electrician projects, you are not just hiring somebody to simply do the project, you’re hiring a local business, that cares about it’s clients, and will be there from start to finish, and far beyond that to all of your  future renovations.

Request a residential electrical service quote today. We’d love to chat!

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