Silver Label Inspections

If you own a mobile or manufactured home, it is important that you also have a valid Silver Label to assure that all electrical aspects of your home are up to safety standards. 


In order to sell your mobile or manufactured home in British Columbia, it is necessary to have the approved CSA label (Silver Label) as proof that the home has been inspected; the Silver Label indicates that any electrical alterations and upgrades to the mobile home have been checked and completed with an electrical permit. You can typically find the Silver Label on the electrical panel, near the front door, or by the hot water tank.

Without the Silver Label it is illegal to sell your manufactured home in British Columbia, so it is very important that you have your home recertified after any modifications, or if the label has been removed. 

Image Electric can help you prepare to sell your mobile home by completing your Silver Label inspection. We will complete the inspection as efficiently as possible, and make sure that your home meet the British Columbia safety standards. Prior to the inspection, you should have information about your home ready, including details about the manufacturer, model, serial number and dimensions of your home (including any additions). Contact us for more information or to book an appointment.


We are always looking to create new contractor and client relationships in and around the Okanagan Valley. If you’re looking for excellent electrical work, look no further!

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