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Solar Energy

At Image Electric, We are experts in the installation of Solar Energy systems. We specialize in the design, installation, and commission of any solar build. From a tiny house roof, to an off-grid cabin, to solar panels for commercial application, and anything in between. Nothing is beyond what we can provide when it comes to your solar energy needs. We pride ourselves on providing you with a stress-free setup, from the initial conception and discussion, to the moment you start generating power.

Contact us today with any of your solar energy projects, and let’s get you powered up, and start saving you money on your electricity bills!

Solar Energy Services



Image Electric specializes in solar energy systems. We can provide both business and home owners with a proper solar energy solution, and provide the proper system to fit your needs.

Image Electric is also available to help determine the efficiency of your home or business’s lighting and appliances. Making sure that your home is running efficiently, guarantees you get the most out of your Solar PV system. We are able to provide excellent power monitoring programs, that allow you to monitor your power consumption and production quickly and efficiently in real time. This also allows you to step back and see the wonderful things you’re doing to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.



Solar Panels and their systems are known for being extremely durable, and are able to withstand harsh weather and environments. Because roof mounted and grid-tied solar energy systems don’t have any moving parts, they are essentially maintenance free.


If you’re in a remote area, Solar Energy is a great option that you can depend on. Other options require shipping of fuel, which has a high cost, and an even higher cost on the environment, or a grid-connected systems, which can cost tens of thousands.

Off-grid Solar panels usually come with a warranty of 25 years, and have been shown to perform up to 80% of their original capacity, at the end of their 25 year warranty.

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24 Hour Emergency Service Line

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Solar Energy System Sizing

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Application and Permit Filing

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Installation of Solar Panels

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Power Monitoring

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Preventative Maintenance Plans

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Solar Panel Upgrades

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Battery Charging Services

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Water Pump Installation


What is Solar PV?

Solar Photovoltaic Systems, also known as Solar PV, are a very viable solution for energy efficient, and “Off the Grid” homes. They have been around for decades, however, due to cheap electricity and expensive equipment, they have yet to become a solution for the average home.

Luckily for solar energy loves everywhere, electricity costs have risen significantly, and the cost of Solar Energy Systems have dropped quite a lot. Because of this, using a Solar Energy system, like Solar PV is not only a wise choice for our environment, but has now become a economic alternative for most residential homes.

Depending on the system, and the amount of energy used, some Solar Energy systems can actually make you money! Solar PV has now become MORE effective than purchasing power from BC Hydro, and Fortis BC.


The most common type of Solar Energy system is what’s known as a Grid-Tied System. Grid-tied systems work by being connected to the electrical grid, and allow for residents to use both electricity from the grid, as well as solar energy. Since this system is attached to the grid, they don’t need to fulfill 100% of the demand from the home or business. When energy isn’t needed (like on a warm, sunny day), the solar panels send the excess electricity that they produce, back into the grid, for the system to use elsewhere. When the demand for electricity surpasses the solar panels ability to produce electricity (during the night, or on a stormy day) the electricity from the grid, supplements the energy demands of the home.

Owners of grid-tied systems must complete what’s called a “net metering” agreement with Fortis BC, or BC Hydro. This allows owners of Grid-Tied systems to receive credit for the excess energy that their systems create. These credits are typically determined as kilowatt-hour credits on your monthly bill. The Net metering agreements vary for each utility.

Owning a house or business with a grid-tied solar energy system isn’t any different than a conventional house. The only change is that the main source of your electricity comes from the sun.

When the electrical grid fails, or there is a power outage, unless a backup battery is installed, Grid-tied systems don’t provide protection from outages. This is a safety feature that has been installed, which makes it more safe and efficient for the utility workers, as they don’t have to worry about solar energy systems that would continue to feed electricity into the power lines.


This brings us to the next option, Off-Grid systems. This system is also a very feasible option for those looking to incorporate Solar Energy into their home or business. Off-grid systems are most often used in situations when power lines are not readily available.

The off-grid Solar PV system, requires that the solar panels installed, provide enough electricity to power 100% of the power needs of the house or business. Because of energy use fluctuations (using more electricity in the evening, than would be used in the daytime) off-grid systems incorporate either a battery to store the solar energy gained throughout the day, or a backup generator. 

Off-grid systems are much more complex, and less flexible than Grid-tied systems, which is why we recommend only using the off-grid system if you have no access to power lines or another supplementary power source.

Off-grid solar energy systems are great for creating and storing energy used to power things such as a cabins, boats, RV’s, remote agricultural pumps, traffic signs, gates, etc.

There is no grid-source to supply the excess power. Therefore, when using an off-grid system, it is required that the electrical usage remains monitored, and that care is taken to be kept below the max output of the panels and power storage. 

Image Electric is a licensed electrical contractor, and has a team of professional, and experiences solar installers. Whether you are looking for an off-grid solar energy solution, or a grid-tied Solar PV system, we can help.

We provide a site evaluation and recommend the best possible solar energy system for your home, building, or business.

Why Choose Us?


Image Electric is the perfect choice for your residential electrician needs. We have an unmatched commitment to our clients. At Image Electric, we pride ourselves on giving every client our full attention, and completing our projects on time and effectively, while still maintaining the highest standard of electrical practice. Our ability to help others with their electrical needs, is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We are highly involved in the community, and believe wholeheartedly in giving back to the community that gives us the ability to run our business.

When your hire Image Electric for your residential electrician projects, you are not just hiring somebody to simply do the project, you’re hiring a local business, that cares about it’s clients, and will be there from start to finish, and far beyond that to all of your  future renovations.

Request a residential electrical service quote today. We’d love to chat!

The Best Electricians in the Okanagan

When It Comes To Knowledge About Anything Electrical, Look No Further Than Image Electric. Not Only Are They Professional And Efficient With What They Do, They Also Took Time To Make Sure I Felt Confident In The Work That Was Being Done. I Would Recommend Them To Anyone Looking For A Fantastic Residential Electrician.


- Zach Boyd

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